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Born in 1952 from Shizuoka, Japan.
He joined Tatsunoko-production at 15years old.
He had been character design, The Honey Bee, Time Bokan-series, Battle of the Planets(G-force), and etc…
After independence, he started character design, illustration, the stage art, and has received the worldwide acclaimed activities of fine art was observed. He has donemany solo exhibitions in New york, London, and Paris.His work were outstanding, and he won many prizes.
(Representative work)
Game: “Final Fantasy”, and the like “Vampire Hunter D” series of Soga.
Illustrations: “vegetable fairy / NYSALAD”.
It became a topic of his charity T-shirts design for 24hour television 37 which was called Love Saves the Earth in 2014.
His symbol of fine arts that called CANDY GIRL which is colorful and pop. In 2015, Fusion works “Candy Girl x Rimpa” of traditional crafts and find art in Kyoto as a symbol of COOL JAPAN representative of Japan, collaboration with high brand fashion and etc…The art axis “Candy girl project” is finally starting.
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